Meet Socimobel Bathroom Vanity Collection

                Individual style and design play an important role to emphazise the identity of every person in today’s world. It is determined not only in clothing, appearance but also in habitation design. A place where the one lives and invites their guests. A bathroom style is particularly significant. Moreover, the atmosphere in this place is also very important because each of us starts and ends our day there. Therefore, a pleasant bathroom atmosphere takes part in forming a mood for the rest of the day and also influences on how effective our night rest will be. Of course, each family has different opportunities and income levels. And accordingly, different bathroom sizes. For some it is enough to equip the place with comfortable and compact furniture. While others need luxury-quality, an individual design approach and exclusive furniture from the most famous world brands.

Socimobel 24 Inch VOLGA Bathroom Cabinet Color Berenjena With Ceramic Sink

                 The one-of-a-kind exclusive bathroom furniture store in New York, New Bathoom Style, is ready to cope with any task for both ordinary undemanding buyer and a VIP-exclusive client who intends to get the highest quality and most unique products. It is for the latter that we are ready to tell great news – New Bathroom Style launches sales of the newest bathroom vanity models of well-known, leading Spanish Brand, Socimobel in September this year. The abudance of a variety of designs is simply amazing, and the approach to quality and production of materials will meet all the most daring expectations. Thanks to the announced sales launch of this brand’s models you will have the opportunity to comfortably equip the interior, make your bathroom beautiful, functional and original. You can use your bathroom space more efficiently with the original Socimobel solutions.

Socimobel 32 Inch Singapur 03 Chocolate Bathroom Vanity

                The new glamorous and unique “Cloe” bathroom vanity from Socimobel is worth of particular attention. It is made in Spain of the highest quality materials. Glossy white metallic color with splashes is suitable for the ultra-modern design of your bathroom. The minimalist design is complemented by handles decorated with expensive crystals from the Italian brand Swarovski. Smooth and soft closing mechanism is very reliable and was produced and manufactured by professional engineers in Germany. This way, you get the best details and components in one product which were released by the best European brands from three cuntries at once – Spain, Italy and Germany.

                It needs to be noted that the products of Socimobel brand are unique and have no analogues on the market. And exclusive models can be purchased only at the New Bathroom Style showroom. It is located in New York, Brooklyn at 1973, 65th Street. The professional, competent and kind staff will certainly help you to choose the model that you will enjoy for many years. Also call (718) 412-3675 to get the best price today.

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