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40 height Medicine Cabinet

Specifically about the materials.
Wooden furniture is more expensive than other options, but the aesthetics of the bathroom immediately benefits significantly. The main thing is that the wood is carefully covered with varnish or paint. Otherwise it will begin to absorb moisture, swell, crack and bend.
Furniture made of chipboard, MDF is cheaper, but of a worse quality. If it is performed poorly and peeling of the upper protective layer begins, it will begin to deteriorate (rot, crumble, etc.) under the influence of operating conditions unfavorable for the wood.

In addition, under the influence of temperature, evaporation of harmful substances included in the adhesives during the manufacture of such material is possible. Such furniture must be chosen extremely carefully and it is better to avoid it altogether.

Metal shelving is nothing new in bathrooms. It is important to ensure that it is rustproof and looks good.

Plastic is a cheap and very convenient option. It is hygienic, not afraid of moisture and moderately high temperatures, it is easy and simple to care for it. And given the modern capabilities of manufacturers, there are many models on the bathroom furniture market today. Literally for every color and taste.

Tempered glass is more expensive than plastic, but it is also a very nice option. It looks good, does not visually fill the space of the bathroom, which gives it a certain airiness. And the choice of glass products today is also very large: transparent, tinted, mirrored, colored, matted.