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30 Height Medicine Cabinet

Various decorative, but functional elements, such as mirrors (heated (so as not to fog up) and lighting are also important decorative elements. Do you need them? If so, where and in what form?
 Resistant to moisture. This can be either water mist or direct water ingress on the surfaces of cabinets and nightstands. What if you start a shower with water jets?)
☝ Quality. Pay attention to the manufacturer immediately. Is it a reliable player in this market, caring for its reputation and responsible for the quality of its products, or is this furniture made by shrubs in the next basement, who doesn’t care how long it will stay with you?
Before buying, carefully inspect the product for defects: dents, chips, holes, scratches, etc.
Try to choose furniture with metal chrome fittings, they will last you longer than plastic or gold-plated ones.