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Previously, homeowners used ordinary cabinets for storing shower and toilet accessories, why did mirrored cabinets become so popular? The answer lies in the advantages of mirrored cabinets over a classic chest of drawers.

Uniqueness. One piece of furniture performs the functions of three at once: room decoration, storage space and a mirror necessary in the bathroom.
The presence of several spacious shelves will help to hide personal hygiene items from prominent places.
Easy to care for the cabinet, just wipe it with a damp cloth and glass cleaner.
The choice of a wall-mounted mirror cabinet will free up space in the room, there is no need to install a floor cabinet.
A variety of types of mirror cabinets, shapes and styles of execution will make it possible to complement and decorate any interior, from classic to high-tech.
A backlit mirror cabinet is an additional source of light, the ability to dim the lighting or, conversely, make a bright accent if necessary.
But for an objective decision on the purchase of furniture, evaluate the disadvantages of a mirror cabinet.

Mirrored elements of the bathroom cabinet are not resistant to mechanical stress. To reduce the risk of damaging your mirrors, look for a manufacturer that uses tempered glass or a special mirror screen protector.
A chipboard or MDF cabinet is susceptible to odor absorption, limit the storage of household chemicals with harsh odors in the cabinet.