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Store New Bathroom Style represent luxury Italian designer Murano glass mirrors the finest in European design. This mirrors you can see in our showroom in Brooklyn, NY. We offer ultra-modern, transitional and traditional styles. All of which meld elements of fashion in a unique range of luxurious materials and different color and size.

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We offer contemporary Italian designer mirrors are the work of industry innovators like Mazza, as well as promising young European designers. These beautiful designs Murano mirrors set the pace for the international design community. Many of our luxury mirrors incorporate diverse materials such as burnished gold leaf, silver leaf, available in three-four different color. This modernist style is well represented by any of the mirrors in our Diamond collection, like the Luxury mirror, composed of two overlapping circles.

Designer Italian mirror

Designer Italian mirror Murano glass in the transitional style occupies a space between experimentation and tradition. They draw their inspiration from a historical moment as recent as Art Nouveau and as distant as the Baroque and filter these designs with a contemporary sensibility.

Our Italian designer Murano glass mirrors are available in our showroom in Brooklyn. For custom order and color requirements, please inquire.

Welcome to our Store in Brooklyn, NY

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