Luxury bathroom vanities with unique print design

The interior design serves as a visiting card for the owner of the apartment, and also reflects the inner character of the person. The elite design approach involves not just expensive repairs, a beautiful picture of the apartment and bathroom, stuffed with chic furniture, accessories with elaborate elements and gilding. Prestigious housing is distinguished by smart luxury, which is combined with convenience and functionality. It manifests itself to varying degrees, depending on the style. It should be beautiful, modern and as comfortable as possible for all residents of the apartment.

Socimobel 32 inch Manhattan Wall Mount Bathroom Vanity

A bathroom vanity is a core element of a modern bathroom. Today it is not difficult to buy it. Since they are presented on the market with a wide variety of models and colors. But such an abundance creates a problem of choice. Which sink to buy? Oval, round or maybe square? What type of mount to choose? Which material is the best? So that these questions do not lead you into confusion, you need to know the main parameters that go through the selection of the bathroom vanity: dimensions, number of sinks and its material, mount type, design.

For all the above parameters, you can make a specific decision, except for the design. Since this is a very subjective issue and everybody may have his own opinion on it. In this case, it is very difficult to find a compromise solution, since the design choice is often very limited. In this case, there is a need to choose a unique style, and perhaps to develop your personal story for bathroom furniture. For this purpose, in New Bathroom Style store, you can purchase a unique bathroom vanity set with your own print design, material and color, chosen according to your personal preferences.

Socimobel 28 inch Flower Wall Mount Bathroom Vanity Glass Sink

We present a new Socimobel premium quality bathroom vanities, “Manhattan”. It is produced in Spain by leading companies with the participation of famous designers. This model uses a durable and reliable German hardware by Hettich. It helps to achieve unsurpassed quality and a luxurious feel. Only the highest quality parts and materials are used in production. The model is presented in the most common vanity size – 36 inches. And, of course, its most important feature is that you can choose your own picture to be printed on the front. From movie and TV show heroes to the emblems of your favorite sports clubs or any other photo according to your preference. You can bring to life any of your creative ideas and get a unique piece of bathroom furniture. In addition to customizable picture, it is also possible to paint the sink and side panels in any color. Thus, you will implement your most pleasant and inspirational moments that will help you start every day with a good mood. After all, the bathroom is exactly such place where the day begins.

Socimobel Mickey Mouse 36 inch Wall Mount Bathroom Vanity

You can purchase this wonderful single bathroom sink model on special order at one of the most popular bathroom supply stores in New York, New Bathroom Style, Or come directly to the showroom, which is located at: 1973 65th Street, Brooklyn, New York. You can also call 718-412-3675 – competent and professional representatives will help you make the right choice among the wide range of bathroom vanities!

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