Long Bathroom Vanity – How to choose

Long Bathroom Vanity
for large bathrooms

The bathroom vanity is usually associated with grace and lightness. This is a plumbing furniture unit for aesthetics.

Long Bathroom Vanity

It is always chosen according to the style of the project, and becomes the pearl of the interior. Here we carry out daily hygiene, put ourselves in order before and after a hard day.

The design of the sink of the vanity must be well thought out in order to fit in with beauty and practicality. There should be a place near the sink for the necessary accessories and cosmetics. And many people also prefer to install furniture and a mirror next to it. How can you fit everything in one model and what should it be in order not to regret your choice?

Materials bathroom

Despite the abundance of designer models and vanity styles, first of all, it is worth choosing a sink that is comfortable, practical, and reliable. This means that it must be made of high-quality material and be made in the optimal comfortable size. So how to choose a bathroom sink that won’t let you down over the years and won’t ruin a stylish, fresh renovation with an untidy look?

Long Bathroom Vanity



Ceramic sinks are the most common choice with an affordable price and a wide range of models. The most expensive sinks are made of porcelain. They look sophisticated and elegant – a real decoration for any bathroom. But there are also more budgetary ones – earthenware, they are cheaper, but they look no less attractive. The manufacturing technology of both options is identical – a clay product is pressed, fired and covered with a layer of smooth shiny enamel. Thus, the washbasin gets its advantages:

  1. Hygiene – there are no pores on the smooth surface, and dirt does not build up on the surface;
  2. Easy maintenance – ceramics are easily and quickly cleaned with household powders and sanitary ware sprays. Even abrasive sponges will not scratch the glossy layer when used judiciously;
  3. A huge range of products – sinks in different colors and shapes will not allow the project to be boring and commonplace;
  4. A relatively reasonable price allows you to choose a sink inexpensively.

It is worth remembering that the best ceramic sink, even the most expensive, branded model has its own lifespan. It is not eternal and wears out during operation. Be prepared for the fact that over time, ceramic units may lose its whiteness, and a cobweb of small cracks will appear on its surface. How soon this happens depends only on how thrifty the owners of the bathroom are.

Ceramic sink


Stone countertops are presented on the market with artificial and natural materials. A model made of real granite or marble looks very expensive and presentable, that’s a fact. But its price is also relatively high. More affordable, but no less interesting are sinks made of artificial material, completely imitating natural stone. Artificial stone is a mixture of acrylic, resins and mineral chips. This mass lends itself to any coloring and in the future can become an original piece of furniture. Among the advantages of such furniture:

  1. Maintainability – minor scratches, chips and abrasions can be eliminated and the unit can be returned to its former attractive appearance;
  2. Stone sinks are easily combined with furniture, mirrors, countertops. With them, you can create stylish interior compositions;
  3. A large selection of colors is a definite plus for non-standard projects;
  4. The durability of sinks is an undeniable advantage not only for private projects, but also for public institutions.
stone bathroom countertops


Glass sinks seem to be specially created to inspire the atmosphere, make it relaxed, fresh and light. Colored and transparent glass effectively plays with tints in any bathroom. It is better to choose a cabinet under the sink made of wood or other natural material. The advantages of such a model are noticeable to the naked eye:

  1. The originality and brightness of the design – the palette of shades of glass sinks knows no boundaries. Create a project in the style of country, sea, modern, choosing colorful and laconic shades of plumbing; Absolute hygiene – a smooth surface does not retain bacteria;
  2. Resistance to chemicals – glass is not capricious in its care and endures any hygiene products;
  3. No scratches form on the surface – a unique feature that allows you to actively use the sink in a large family, office or restroom of a restaurant, hotel, bar;
  4. The fragments of the broken sink are not dangerous, the material is fastened in such a way that the fragments do not fly off and do not injure the owners.



Which sink is better for the bathroom will directly suggest such a simple criterion as the project area. The math in this case is simple – for small bathrooms, choose compact models that can perform several useful functions at the same time. And for large, spacious bathrooms, feel free to buy luxury designer sinks, long bathroom vanities.



If you are not limited in space, you should start from the most comfortable parameters of the sink. Vanities for the big bathroom vary in width of 48-84 inches and the depth of 18-24 inches. The 84 inch bathroom vanity sink can be installed on the cabinet itself or also can be undermount. The sink can be wide or narrow – at your discretion, but it is worth remembering that with a narrow small sink, there is a possibility of water being poured onto the floor and splashing while washing. There are no such drawbacks in the wide large model, and even if water flows down the elbows at the moment of washing, it will not flood the floor, so it’s always better to choose a long bathroom vanity starting from 60 inch vanities.



 Whatever types of vanities you are considering for your bathroom, the New Bathroom Style collection will suit you to select the best option for you in terms of price, design and size. We cooperate only with reputable, reliable manufacturers that provide a guarantee for their products, and among them: Socimobel vanities – a Spanish brand with an excellent reputation that produces vanities and sinks of all shapes and sizes, including double sink cabinets. In New Bathroom Style you will also find such brands as Lexora, MIA Italia, Blossom, Dowell – these are products, the quality of which is judged by the name and is never mistaken with the choice.  Moreover, we are able to provide a 20% discount in-store and free shipping to any state for most of the models.

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