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Wall mounted bathroom vanity

Selecting of wall mounted bathroom vanities

The wall mounted bathroom vanity is ideal in guest bathrooms or when even the attached bathroom to the master bedroom is a small-sized one.
A double vanity sink is perfect when you have sufficient room to fit in two sinks with the availability of more storage and counter space. Double-wall mounted vanity will help you make the most of the space available to you. The double vanity will be available to you in a range of varied styles freestanding and wall-mounted.

When you go for a standard vanity for bathroom, you will have both storage space and style working for you. We offer for you color ranges are available in white, cream, grey, light brown, medium brown and dark brown. You will not go wrong when you choose white as it will always look good with any color on the walls.

Wall-mounted cabinet and styles

There is a choice of bathroom vanities available in different finish material. Wooden bathroom vanities give you that natural feel and maybe long-lasting. You have to remember that they will be pricey when you go for solid wood. When selecting wood, you have t be cautious because it should have protective layers. Protective layers help in avoiding all warping issues that may take place in wet spaces.
MDF or Medium Density Fiberboard is less expensive in terms of price and durable, too. It is covered with lamination that makes it resistant to water and it is easier to clean. Humidity is an important factor before deciding to buy MDF vanity for your bathroom. These cabinets will not contract or expand as real wood does but they can easily be damaged by excess moisture if water penetrates its surface.

Selecting Bathroom Vanities by features

You can select wall mounted bathroom cabinet one with soft close cabinet doors that will close silently and gently because they have hinges that feature soft close kind of mechanisms.
Soft close drawers will be able to glide shut gently and this will allow the contents within to stay in place and look neat.
The wall mounted bathroom unit will provide that additional toe room and to make morning routines easier for you. Make your choice your selection of wall mounted bathroom vanity in our store or our website.