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Manhattan Mirrors


Unique Mirrors for residents Manhattan

The New Bathroom Style offers unique mirrors made in Italy for residents in New York. Manhattan mirrors are the utilitarian pieces of furniture. It is also the most important decorative accessory. That is able to transform an area. With the help of mirrors, it is possible to change the degree of illumination in the room. And to resolve stylistic and planning problems of the interior. When choosing a mirror, it is important not to overdo it with the saturation of the number of interior reflections. And, thereby, do not destroy their effect. Using this decorating technique, you can visually expand the space (this is the main feature of mirrors) or to increase the amount of light in the room by placing a mirror opposite the window or near lighting fixtures.

Italian mirrors for centuries, are considered to be of the best quality and most beautiful in the world. Modern Italian brands do not lag behind in skill from their ancestors.

Welcome to our showroom in Brooklyn, and make your choice unique wall mirrors

manhattan mirrors

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