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Toilet Storage

Toilet Storage Cabinet

Look at our through our selection on our online shop to choose the bathroom cabinet that matches your requirements. In most bathrooms, the area on the wall above the toilet goes unused. You can take this valuable wall area thanks to toilet storage cabinets and side-cabinets. Over the toilet space savers are especially efficient in small bathrooms that have few storage options. Over the toilet, the installation bathroom storage is one of the options. The store New Bathroom Style carries a huge collection of over the toilet storage and bathroom cabinets for you to select from. If you have a contemporary or traditional style of your bathroom, we have a large selection product for you in our store.

Tips for choosing a toilet storage

The cabinet is selected in accordance with the size of the room. For example, for a small toilet room in an apartment, small structures or narrow models located above the toilet are better suited.
In a spacious toilet combined with a bath, you can install a more overall hinged structure, a curbstone, or a side-cabinet.
You should not choose too wide products that will hang over your head. The most optimal and harmonious option is cabinets 12 inches wide.
It is also undesirable to save on fittings and prefer high-quality and proven products.

Side Cabinet CRON Color Metal Champlain Socimobel Spain KR-WW-2_Toilet cabinet storage

A popular over the wall bathroom cabinet option is the white wall cabinet or shelving. This is especially handy in smaller bathrooms where you need both of these storage options. You can hide less used items in an over the toilet cabinet and add everyday toiletry items and décor pieces on the shelves. For more small bathroom organization ideas, check out our guide. With the help of over the bathroom storage options available in our store, you can take advantage of unused space. And organize your bathroom better. This will re-energize your bathroom and make it a more comfortable space for you to enjoy. We try to make sure you always have many options for bathroom storage.

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