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Small single sink vanity

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small single sink vanityErgonomic solution: small single sink vanity

The primary task of the bathroom cabinet is functional. Personal hygiene objects can find an ideal secret place from strager’s eyes there. And for the sake of order, it is convenient to use an additional storage system. But in addition to useful functionality, the curbstone also performs an aesthetic task. Depending on the relative position of the cabinet and the sink, there are three main types of bathroom cabinets:

The sink is built into the countertop, they are of the same style and make one whole. In this case, the top surface of the cabinet is uneven, fits only a specific sink.

small single sink vanity

Choosing a Small single sink vanity

The sink above the cabinet. In this case, the dimensions of the sink correspond to the cabinet. Even if the countertop is outside these parameters. The surface of the cabinet is even, without recesses and grooves.
The sink is located on the cabinet, the edges of the sink extend beyond the surface of the cabinet.
The choice of the type of cabinet depends not only on aesthetic preferences. It is also important to consider the location of the bathroom cabinet. For example, a sink fixed above the curbstone will decorate a spacious bathroom. And will be out of place in a small bathroom. In addition to the location relative to the sink, bathroom cabinets can be of two different types: wall-mounted and floor-standing ones. Hanging bathroom cabinets have a significant advantage over floor-standing ones – ease of cleaning and mopping under furniture.

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