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Single Hole Bathroom Faucet

The faucet is an essential attribute in any bathroom. You can do without a shower cabin, the bath itself, a heated towel rail, and even a sink. But without a mixer, the bathroom will not be able to function normally. The room itself will not lose its feature of the restroom. However, you must admit that it is not very convenient to water yourself from a basin or bucket. In addition to functionality, the mixer also plays the role of decorating and complementing the interior. Therefore, it is often difficult to find a suitable unit in a bathroom designed in a specific style. You need to choose a mixer carefully. Not only its service life but also your safety directly depends on its quality.

single hole bathroom faucet

single hole bathroom faucet

How to choose a faucet in the bathroom? On our website, you will learn the rules and features of making a purchase, thanks to which you can safely order a unit in online stores without consulting a specialist. The most important thing is to decide – whether you need a single or a three-hole bathroom faucet?

Single hole bathroom faucets: how to choose

Are you planning a repair, and it’s time to buy appliances and accessories for them? Can’t decide? How to choose a bathroom faucet correctly?

Such a purchase is designed for long-term use. The faucet must be reliable and durable, able to withstand constant tugging by all family members. Learn how to choose a bath and shower faucet below.


A good faucet should be as simple as possible to operate, especially if there are children in the house. In addition to reducing the risk of breakage, if the baby wants to know “how this thing works,” it will also allow the child to perform hygiene procedures independently.

The mixer must be sized. A large device in tandem with a small sink and vice versa will look rather strange. Such a difference can play a cruel joke during operation: water will constantly splash on all surfaces.

The mixer should be smooth. This allows you to adjust the temperature of the water supply, avoiding sudden changes.

It must be equipped with a reliable switch. This will allow you to use a watering can or the crane itself easily. It is imperative that such a switch be durable and not change the mode on its own. This will save the owner from the probability of being doused from head to toe.