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Modern Vanities

Bathroom Vanities Modern Style

Whether if you look for new modern vanity or an upgrade to your bathroom the store New Bathroom Style has the perfect bathroom cabinets for you! Browse our collection vanities for bathroom and modern styles, colors, and sizes. We help you find a cabinet which suits your bathroom. The bathroom vanity is important consideration for is storage for your stuff. Depending on how many people are using the cabinet in the bathroom, you might consider having a personality place for each person. All vanities come with soft close drawers and doors. This soft close which stops the drawers and doors from slamming and softly pulls the drawers a few inches when closing.  We can offer you a genuine, unique bathroom vanity that is sure to make your bathroom look absolutely incredible.

You have to decide whether it will be wall-mounted style or floating style of the unit. To simplify the search, you can buy the best European bath vanities in our online store or in our bathroom showroom. We have in our store a large selection of modern bathroom vanities from Spain and Italian different styles and colors. If you like modern vanities, then give preference to clear geometric shapes, straight lines, minimalist decoration. If you want your apartment look rich – then choose some luxury bathroom vanity on our website or our showroom. You also must choose between freestanding and wall-mounted vanity. It is important to choose the correct size. There are 24-inch vanities, 30-inch vanities, 36-inch vanities, 48-inch vanities, and 60-inch vanities. Choose what seems to you the most aesthetic and comfortable.

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