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Modern Mirror

 Modern mirror

We offer modern mirrors selection for residents in Brooklyn NY. In our store, you’ll find contemporary Italian designer mirrors who’s work is of innovator industry. For example,  Mazza. As well as promising young European designers. These beautiful designs Murano mirrors set the pace for the international design community. This modernist style represents by any of the mirrors in our Diamond collection. For instance, the Luxury mirror, composed of two overlapping circles.

Italian mirrors are the best quality and most beautiful in the world. Hence, modern Italian brands do not lag behind in skill from their ancestors. From year to year, they strike customers with incredible design solutions, filigree technique execution and impeccable quality of their products.

Bathroom mirror – necessary item for bathroom 

A mirror belongs to those bathroom items. The appearance of which depends more on what is around, and, accordingly, is reflects in it. And if in the hallway or living room a mirror is often placed in attractive and even luxurious frames. Then in conditions of high humidity in the bathroom, most manufacturers refuse decorative excesses. And wooden frames are completely absent from the options. Bathroom mirrors, like mirrors for other rooms, can be illuminated or unlit. But varieties such as magnifying mirrors are mainly the intention for bathrooms and washrooms (of course, if we exclude the “laugh room”).

Can I do bathroom renovation without a mirror?

It is theoretically possible to dispense with only a cosmetic mirror in the bathroom. But so far practice shows that they often do without a cosmetic mirror, but people tend to regard a flat mirror of medium and large sizes as a necessity. Two main arguments in favor of such a decision are the ability to consider yourself without clothes and visually enlarge the bathroom. Since you can consider most of yourself without clothes and without a mirror.  The minimum required dimensions of wall mirrors in the bathroom are those that easily “fit” the head and chest. As for the visual enlargement of the room, this is of course an illusion that disappears when the mirror fogs up, which happens quite often. Therefore,  you should not rely on it especially.

Welcome to our showroom in Brooklyn, and make your choice unique wall mirrors

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