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Lowes Bidet

Lowes bidet toilet seat

If the bathroom’s size doesn’t allow to place two objects (toilet and bidet), hygiene issues can be solved in different combined options. The most compact is a toilet with a bidet function. Bidet toilet Lowe’s has plenty of advantages, the same functions and besides that, it saves a lot of space. On the other hands the expensive plumbing, the size of the Lowes bidet toilet still exceeds the size of the standard toilet. In this case, the manufacturers offer different variations that can give the bidet functions to a conventional toilet. For example, a hygienic shower on a flexible hose that doesn’t increase the size of the toilet.

Lowe’s is a convenient and comfortable store. But there is one more one-stop point where you are able to buy the same products, but with a personal approach, competent prices and perfect quality – New Bathroom Style.

One of the latest developments is a bidet toilet seat. It’s a sophisticated device equipped with electronics. Bidet toilet seat looks almost like an ordinary seat which is mounted on the toilet top with a “flick of the wrist turn into bidet”. Simple seats do not require much time for installation: you just need to connect the water supply to it. More expensive models require an electrical connection, as they have a set of additional functions: smooth opening/clothing mechanism, heating seats, hydromassage, air purification, and aromatization.