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lighted mirror cabinet

Led lighted medicine cabinet

If you looking for a cabinet with lights or mirror with Led then you’ve come to the right place. Medicine cabinets with lights are a great choice if you want more brightness to your bathroom and have nice design. We offer you a quality product Aquadom that will enhance the appeal of your bathroom and design. Your day to day routine tasks like applying makeup, shaving, or anything else will become easier when you have lighting in your medicine cabinet. In our store, you can find a Led mirror or lighted cabinet of your dream. On our website can find both recessed or surface mount medicine cabinets with lights. New Bathroom Style offers a large selection of cabinets and mirrors with light different sizes.

Our AQUADOM cabinets with lights are a stunning and desirable feature of any bathroom. These cabinets and mirrors are an ideal option for users who need to have a new mirror and additional storage for medicines beside it. For mounting the cabinets on the wall, you will have a range of sizes: 24 inch – to 72 inches and different heights 30 inch, 36 inch, and 40 inch. Look through our collection of medicine cabinets with lights to decide which type works best for your bathroom.