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Inexpensive Vanity

Inexpensive Vanity

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The store New Bathroom Style on the online and showroom offers a wide range of inexpensive vanities of the Blossom, Dowell, Eviva, and Lexora. You can get the best prices for these brands in our store in Brooklyn, NY. There is a great selection of bathroom cabinets on our website. 

Blossom Vienna 24 Inch Bathroom Vanity Color Matte White

To equip a bathroom with taste in an apartment or private house, it is not necessary to purchase designer items. In New York, you can buy bathroom furniture, set or separately, in our online store. A cozy and comfortable environment is a guarantee. It will be convenient for the whole family.

New Bathrom Style has everything you need for this. From small cabinets and compact vanities for a sink, to spacious cabinets-cases and exquisite mirror cabinets by Blossom, Lexora, Aquadom, Socimobel brands. Study our catalog, evaluate the quality of the offer.

Side cabinet

The room for water procedures will be in complete order if you purchase a floor or wall side-cabinet. It can have a couple or more branches, be white, colored, with a decorative pattern. When choosing a specific model of a pencil case, you need to take into account the general design concept of the room. Perhaps a corner-type wall cabinet with a moisture-resistant chipboard coating is more suitable for you.

Bathroom vanity

inexpensive vanityA sink is a must-have unit in the bathroom. If it comes with a curbstone, it gains great functionality. As a result, hygiene products, cleaning compounds are in perfect order. Therefore, you get cleanliness all around. In addition, our cabinets for sinks and sinks have a special cover with moisture-resistant chipboard. Hence, they serve for a long time. The facade of the furniture can have photo printing, milling elements, be made in classic white colors.




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