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Indoor Locks

Indoor Locks

The lock for the interior door is a necessary and convenient fixture. Especially if you value privacy and don’t like it when you are suddenly disturbed. Psychologists believe that the desire to stay alone for some time is a completely normal desire for any person. Therefore, if you have a large and noisy family, then the lock on the door will be a simple and effective solution.

Types of indoor locks
Most often, indoor locks are used for interior doors. They are mounted inside the door leaf, which means that they do not spoil its appearance. The fact that the lock inside serves as additional protection for its mechanism. Dust and moisture will not get there, which means that it will work longer.

Modern indoor locks are divided into two large groups: mechanical and magnetic. Let’s consider them in more detail.

Mechanical locks
Simple and reliable. The design of keyless locks for interior doors is slightly simpler than that of locks for entrance doors. This is due to the fact that special secrecy and tamper resistance are required here. Nevertheless, models with keys exist and enjoy stable popularity.

There are three subspecies of mechanical locking devices for interior doors:

– Latch;
– The lock with a key;
– Lock with additional locker.

The latch is a basic locking device. It is a mechanism installed inside the door handle with a built-in tongue, which locks the door. The tongue is controlled by pressing or turning the door handle. Latches are well suited for the kitchen or nursery.

The next type is a key lock. On the one hand, it is locked with a regular wrapper. But from the outside, you can open it only with a key. There are also models with keyholes on both sides. Often such locks are placed on the doors of the office.

Indoor lock with additional locker. This device is mounted inside the door leaf and requires special preparation of the installation site. On one side of the door, there is a latch, by turning which you lock the handle of the lock. Typically, these locks are placed on the door to the toilet or bathroom.

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