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Door Locks For Bathroom

Door Locks For Bathroom

New Bathroom Style sells a large selection door locks for the bathroom and the entry door. And also a doors hardware and master lock! Bathroom door locks are a little different from traditional door locks. The majority of locks for the bathroom do not use keys but have internal locking mechanisms that are very simple than those of other locks. This allows the door to be locked from the inside. When you enter the bathroom, you press a locking button on the inside of the knob or lever. For example, bedrooms and restrooms where privacy is an obligatory element on a daily basis. The most widely used type of door lock is a private locking function. The door will open freely at all times when the bathroom is unoccupied.

Your Bathroom Door

Bathroom stalls and partitions are usually equipped with a simple slide or thumb turn locks. Most door lock for the bathroom has a small emergency button on the outside for opening. There is a large selection of door handle and locks to choose from satin nickel, chrome, and brushed nickel. We offer a wide range of styles and designs of the door lever, so you can choose. These locks are very simple and affordable price and which one suits best for your bathroom and your home decide for yourself.