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Elegant 36 inch VF46036 Colors Blue Green Mango Wood Teak Bathroom Vanity


Fine Fixtures Model Venezian 24 Inch Freestanding Bathroom Vanity, Model: VN24


Fine Fixtures Shawbridge 24 Inch Freestanding Modern Bathroom Vanity, Model: SH24


Lexora Jacques 84″ Color Distressed Grey LJ342284 Double Bathroom Vanity White Carrara Marble Top


Lexora Geneva 60″ Color Dark Grey LG192260 Floating Double Vanity


48″ Elegant Decor Roman VF43548 Floating Bath Vanity Color Teak, White, Walnut, Walnut Brown


Elegant Decor Roman 40″ Wall Mount Vanity VF43540 in Colors Blue, Concrete Gray, Green, Mango Wood


Elegant Decor Penn 48″ Floating Vanity VF44548 in Colors Blue, Concrete Gray, Green, Mango Wood


Elegant 42 inch Bathroom Vanity VF46042 Colors Blue Green Mango Wood Teak


60″ Elegant In 8 Colors VF48860 Single Bathroom Vanity Ivory Stone Top


Fine Fixtures Oakville Color Onix Grey 24 Inch Modern Bathroom Vanity, Model OK24


Blossom Turin V8031 24 29 Freestanding 24 inch Modern Bathroom Vanity


Charlotte bathroom vanity

Charlotte is a high-end haven of attractive infrastructures that include high-rise houses, apartments, and buildings. It is also a big city and commercial hub in North Carolina. With all types of people living in Charlotte, it’s]known for its diversity. Customers usually renovate the interior style as per their needs, including a bathroom design. In most of the parts all over Charlotte, homeowners keep an eye on well-designed and expensive bathrooms. Bathroom at your home – is an integral part of the overall look. There are some excellent home improvement and bathroom supply stores where you can go to get bathroom goods. Nevertheless, on our website – Newbathroomstyle.com, you can buy exquisite bathroom vanities.

Charlotte bathroom vanity 929x1024 1

Charlotte bathroom vanity 929×1024 1

Home renovation is a complicated process that is no less than art. When it comes to remodeling your bathroom, you must compose the interior in a way that combines comfort and style. Don’t forget to match it with the rest of your home’s interior. Decide what theme you want. There are many choices to select from, such as vintage, contemporary, neutral, and more. While one can come up with its ideas, there are many existing trends among the interior design circles in Charlotte.

Remodeling your bathrooms is a task that requires a lot of shopping. Make sure you go to the right places. It is not always easy to find home decor stores online that are worth your attention, but in the case of “New Bathroom Style,” you are lucky!

Our specialization – is selling luxury bath vanity units on our showroom and our website, including beautiful bathroom vanity sets and stylish cabinets made in Spain and Italian. New Bathroom Style offers stock a vast range of styles and designs perfect for all tastes in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our staff and a wide selection of products will help turn your bathroom into something more than just a place to maintain hygiene. If you have questions about our products, please call us at 718-412-3675, we work seven days a week.