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Bathroom Vanity Louisville KY

Bathroom vanities Louisville KY

Interior trends in the Louisville KY and its neighborhoods. Discovering the neighborhood that suits your way of living is always one of the biggest motivations to settle in Louisville. Being the most diverse borough, people in Louisville have a vast choice to make their settlement as per their requirements. If you want a new style in your bathroom! If you’re looking for bathroom vanities in Louisville KY, let us help you.

Bathroom Vanity Louisville KY

For owners of small bathrooms, a mirror cabinet is an ideal solution. Since it can replace a mirror by itself and, in addition, allows you to store bath accessories and personal hygiene products. And this also saves space. In addition, such a cabinet visually expands and increases the space of the bathroom.

We deliver throughout all the states of USA!

Moreover, mirror cabinets are most often equipped with additional lighting, which makes it easy to do cosmetic procedures or examine yourself.

In most cases, these cabinets are located above the sink, but you can also place them on any part of the wall.

The doors are equipped with a soft closing mechanism.

A mirror cabinet is an excellent choice that emphasizes the taste, style and practicality of the owners.

Unlike Costco, Lowes, and Home Depot bath vanities, New Bathroom Style provides you with beautiful furniture from Italy and Spain that you won’t find anywhere else on the local market. We specialize in sourcing and selling stunning bathroom furniture. Our collection suits all homeowners. We sell leading luxury bathroom vanities by brands like Socimobel, Lexora, Blossom, Dowell, and more. As a result, our bathroom vanities are sure to suit your own taste and design style. With modern and minimalist designs, glamorous finishes, and even classic styles, we have it all.

We stock vanities in a range of colors and sizes. And we have a variety of design options and features available. Our vanities offer an array of materials, including solid wood and MDF. And we have units with built-in LED lighting, integrated sinks, and matching mirrors. Our collection suits all homeowners. We have a fabulous selection of finishes and shades, including white, gray, black, and red. From polished wood and traditional grain to opulent marble and glimmering glass. We can cater for every home. We also have a broad spectrum of sizes available.


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