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Bathroom vanities with tops

Tips for helping you buy bathroom vanities with tops in Long Island New York

Before you plunge into exploring bathroom cabinets Long Island, you have to consider the size of your bathroom and the style of bathroom vanities with tops that you would like to go for, when selecting cabinetry for furnishing your restroom. There is a big similarity between purchasing a storage cabinet or a vanity for your bathroom and purchasing kitchen cabinets. You need to have a careful plan before you begin shopping for bathroom storage units. You have to understand your priorities and your objectives when you want to renovate your bathroom in your Long Island residence. You need to have a vision which is clear enough and one which can meet your budget for spending.
How do you decide on selection for grades of storage cabinets for your bathroom?
Bathroom vanities with tops are available to you in four kinds of grades – they are ready-to-assemble, semi-custom, stock, and custom. There are a couple of design and construction styles and they are known as frameless or face-framed. Bathroom storage sets can also be bought in freestanding forms.

RTA or ready-to-assemble kinds of cabinets are the cheapest grades available to you where you may have to compromise on the style of construction and the material that is used. RTA sets come in boxes and they require carpenters to assemble them. Stock vanity sets are also economic in their pricing and they offer restricted variety in terms of styles of doors, their size, and material used. Cabinets that are of semi-custom grade provide a vast range of both drawers and door styles along with their finish and choice of material and as in the case of stock cabinets, they do not offer a fit which is fully tailored. The custom-grade cabinets are totally adapted to cater to any preconceived concepts you may have in mind concerning the design. These cabinets will offer no restrictions where style is concerned. The only thing that you have to keep in mind with this grade of bathroom vanities is that their finish or any other decorative elements have to meet your budget. The lead time on bathroom storage cabinets could range anywhere from delivery on the same day to a period that may stretch to a couple of months in case of complex designs. Here is an example of a custom storage cabinet –
Pay attention to the drawers and their material when you are going for a bathroom storage cabinet
You have to set your eyes on a cabinet that is constructed well, regardless of whichever grade you choose. The cabinet you select among bathroom cabinets Long Island has to have sufficient drawers that are thick enough to take the load of several toiletries. These drawers have to be snug and they have to open and close smoothly and quietly. You have to make sure that the drawers do not sag down when they have to be extended in full.

Bathroom cabinets go through significant wear and tear and you have to keep that in mind when you select the material and finish. It has to withstand water spillage, heat or excessive moisture in the bathroom. Generally, a storage cabinet for the bathroom is constructed out of plywood. Other alternatives which are available include MDF or medium-density fiberboard and particleboard. They use doors made of solid wood with drawer faces. You have to try and avoid veneer for material in bathrooms as it tends to peel off fast, over a period of time. Here is an example of an MDF bathroom storage cabinet –

The style of doors you choose and their decorative accessories and hardware have a big impact on the eventual look of bathroom vanities. The doors could be flush or they could be elevated; they can also have central panel insets which can be arched, squared or even rounded. You can have a whole assortment of accessories that are decorative. They will include pilasters, posts, and wainscoting. The doors and drawers for cabinets are ideal when they are either identical or coordinated. The same is applicable to hardware which involves knobs, hinges, and pulls. The utility value will be fulfilled if you go for cabinetry that has many features like pull-out drawers to keep hairdryers with a supply of electrical outlets that are installed within the doors and the wire-clothing hamper kinds of drawers.

Before you go for bathroom cabinets Long Island, you will have to consider all the items that you plan to store in those cabinets. If the bathroom is a spacious one, then you can think in terms of double vanities that offer extra storage facility even if they use up more floor space. When there are powder rooms involved or half baths, then you may even go for freestanding cabinetry that looks detached from the bathroom walls on either side.

Many homeowners even consider transforming their unused antique furniture and salvage it to turn it into a bathroom storage unit instead of buying new vanities.