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24 Inch Fine Fixtures Urbania II Bathroom Vanity, Models OPUR24WH, OPUR24WA, OPUR24GR


30 Inches Fine Fixtures UR30WH Urbania II Vanity For Bathroom


36 Inch Fine Fixtures Urbania II Vanity For Bathroom, Models UR36WA, UR36WH, UR36GR


48 Inch Fine Fixtures Shawbridge Single Freestanding Vanity With Top, Models SH48WA, SH48BL, SH48FB, SH48WH, SH48GR


48″ Fine Fixtures Shawbridge Double Sink Vanity With Top, Models SH48WA, SH48BL, SH48FB, SH48WH, SH48GR


60 Inch Double Sink Fine Fixtures Shawbridge Vanity With Top, Models SH60WA, SH60BL, SH60FB, SH60WH, SH60GR


60 Inch Fine Fixtures Urbania Single Sink Vanity With Top, Model: UR60WH


Bathroom Vanities Washington DC

People who are involved in apartment redesigning, often looking for new bathroom furniture. Our employees are ready to help each of them. Responsiveness and professionalism are the main things that New Bathroom Style staff adheres to. You can check it yourself by ordering goods for the bathroom on us.

bathroom vanities Washington DC

bathroom vanities Washington DC

If you visited our website, then you came to the right place. Our catalog includes more than 1000 models of bathroom vanities & cabinets. Maybe you are looking for a floating vanity or freestanding? You can order such furniture from us, and we will deliver it in a few days. All customers will be satisfied, whether they prefer modern, traditional, or classic styles.

Our online store is often made delivery in Washington DC. We can help you to select any bathroom, regardless of the chosen style. In our range, everyone can see gorgeous luxury bathroom cabinet set designs and affordable vanities. We offer different models costing from $600. These are single and double vanities.

Modern and Traditional Style

Regardless of whether you are looking for modern styles or traditional designs, we have a suitable model. Our range includes shower systems, bathroom faucets, medicine cabinets with lights, and other furniture. Use the filter to see the most suitable options for you. Look through our various styles, colors, shapes. You will find the right and modern vanities for your bathroom. If you order today, the furniture will be delivered in 5-7 days.

People who live in Washington DC prefer good-quality bathroom furniture. This also applies to the bathroom fixtures. If you visit our online store, you can order dressing tables of Socimobel, Blossom, Lexora, Dowell, Eviva, and more. Will be furniture harmonized with any design in your bathroom. Hundreds of people have already bought on our website. We are ready to offer residents in Washington DC the best options vanities for bathrooms. To buy vanities, you will have to take measurements in your bathroom. Our staff will help you give the right advice, call us at 718-412-3675.

Freestanding Vanity and Other Bathroom Ideas

For residents, Washington DC, we offer collections of bathroom vanities and cabinets suitable for different bathroom designs. We are ready to ship any of our wardrobes for the bathroom to you. Checkout will take no more than 5 minutes. Any shopping with us is easy.

First, pick out the dimensions for your bathroom standard size 24 inches or 30 Inches for medium 36 to 48 inches for big 60 inches to 84 inches. It would help if you also understood which colors and styles are most suitable for your design. You are unlikely to find a collection like ours. Only on our website, Washington DC residents can order the best European companies restroom vanities units Socimobel, Bellezza, GB Group, MIa Italia.

Our team can help you to redesign your bathroom cardinally with our products. Our staff will advise on the suitable model for any bathroom. If you cannot decide which color or style is most appropriate for your bathroom, call us. You can call 718-412-3675 for details.