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24 Inch Fine Fixtures Urbania II Bathroom Vanity, Models OPUR24WH, OPUR24WA, OPUR24GR


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36 Inch Fine Fixtures Urbania II Vanity For Bathroom, Models UR36WA, UR36WH, UR36GR


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60 Inch Fine Fixtures Urbania Single Sink Vanity With Top, Model: UR60WH


Bathroom Vanities Tucson

As a rule, the vanity cabinet is already equipped with a sink. Otherwise, the arrangement of the bathroom begins with the purchase of a convenient and practical sink. And then the furniture must be selected for it. The dimensions of the cabinet should correspond to the size of the sink. Taking into account the availability of free space in the bathroom.

Bathroom Vanities Tucson

How to choose a vanity unit under the sink?

Turn the sink over, measure its width and depth.
Decide on the installation height of the sink.
Measure the space allotted for the installation of the cabinet – these will be its approximate dimensions. Doors and drawers should provide full access to the cabinet’s contents without touching walls, plumbing, or furniture.

Ensure that the hole for the siphon and pipes is located, so you don’t need to make additional cuts in the furniture.
The final selection criteria will be design, material, accessories, installation method, and storage system.

How to choose a sink for a vanity?

If the furniture is purchased or selected without the sink, you can use a simple method:
• specify the size of the cabinet;
• choose a sink according to the size of the cabinet and the following criteria: whether the bowl will completely cover the furniture or whether it is necessary to leave gaps (countertop) on the sides.

Important! Remember that the sink should not be wider than the cabinet.

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