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Bathroom Vanities NJ 

Where to find and buy luxurious Spanish and Italian bathroom vanities in NJ? We will answer – in the New Bathroom Style store in Brooklyn, the address is 1973 65th Street. We offer you a large selection of high-quality Modern Bathroom Sets by companies such as Socimobel, Bellezza, and BG Group. Vanities for the bathroom are made in Spain and Italian. They have a unique look and design which is radically different from other manufacturers and companies.

bathroom vanities new jersey

bathroom vanities new jersey

Whether you prefer modern, transitional or traditional bathroom vanity design. Our consultants in our showroom will help to find out what works best for you. We believe in a holistic approach. This way we look at the style of your bathroom, your individual taste, your personal use as well as habits. Considering these points we identify beautiful, functional, and versatile design solutions for your bathroom. They include antique vanities, modern shower panels, high-end side cabinets, and much more. Welcome to our bathroom vanity store in Brooklyn.