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Bathroom Vanity in New York

Looking for the perfect Bathroom vanities for our bathroom in New York ? We offer in our showroom and our website literally hundreds of options to choose bathroom vanities from as well as first-class Consultants in our showroom in Brooklyn, NY. Store New Bathroom Style offer for you different bathroom vanity with your needs. They cover the contemporary style range with offerings from brand names like Bosconi, Virtu USA, Design Element, Wyndham Collection, Socimobel, MTD, Bellezza, GB Group, Eviva, La Toscana. We offer discount for people of New York, as well as discount rates that can rise to 45% off in our shop on brand like Blossom, Eviva, Dowell vanities, Alya, in addition to many various other reliable brand.

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What dimension vanity will fit my space?

How can bathroom vanities complete the look of your personal restroom in New York City?

 What are bathroom vanities and how do they fit in with the design of any bathroom?

bathroom vanity can be described as a combination of a wash basin or a bathroom sink and all those storage items that are placed to surround it. Bathroom vanities include all those cabinets that are exclusively designed to hold the wash sink and help conceal the connected plumbing work besides providing the required storage space. They include all essential items and focal points that help in the functioning of any bathroom.

Here is how you can have your bathroom come alive!

Selection of Vanities

Selecting Bathroom Vanities NY by size –

Any bathroom should have vanities that are considered proportional to the overall space and size available after all fixtures are done. If the bathroom is of a large size, you need not be skimpy in selecting the width of the vanity as it will then look very much out of place. When you have about five feet left for this cause, you can really think in terms of a double vanity sink. If space is restricted, then you may stick with a single sink kind of vanity.

When you are ready to select in terms of size, you may have to consider a higher counter top if there are tall adults present in the house while all shorter models would do well when there are small children involved. The width available ranges from 12” – 84”. The typical widths provided are 24”, 30”, 36”, 48” and 60”. The height is generally anywhere from 30” to 36” while the depth is ranging between 18” to 24”. The standard vanity depth comes around 21”. You will be able to gain floor space in a smaller bathroom by trimming part of your vanity to 15” deep.

Selecting Bathroom Vanities NY by type –

Single vanity sink is ideal in guest bathrooms or when even the attached bathroom to the master bedroom is a small-sized one.

Virtu MS-3148-WMSQ-ES Julianna 48

A double vanity sink is perfect when you have sufficient room to fit in two sinks with availability of more storage and counter space. This type of vanity will help you make the most of the space available to you. A double vanity at a corner can help solve the challenges posed by small-spaced baths and it will be available to you in a range of varied styles.

Virtu MD-4305-S-GR Bradford 60

When you go for a standard bathroom vanity, you will have both storage space and style working for you. The color ranges are available in white, cream, grey, light brown, medium brown and dark brown. You will not go wrong when you choose white as it will always look good with any color on the walls.

Virtu MS-6724-C-GR Zola 24

Selecting Bathroom Vanities NY by material –

There is choice available in material, too. Wooden bathroom vanities give you that natural feel and may be long-lasting. You have to remember that they will be pricey when you go for solid wood. When selecting wood, you have t be cautious because it should have protective layers on it because it helps in avoiding all warping issues that may take place in humid and wet spaces.

MDF or Medium Density Fiberboard is less expensive in terms of price and durable, too. It is covered with lamination that makes it resistant to water and it is easier to clean. Humidity is an important factor before deciding to buy MDF vanity for your bathroom. These cabinets will not contract or expand as real wood does but they can easily be damaged by excess moisture if water penetrates its surface. It may result in swelling in the vanity.

Selecting Bathroom Vanities NY by features –

You can select one with soft close cabinet doors that will close silently and gently because they have hinges that feature soft close kind of mechanisms.

Virtu USA Elise 48

Soft close drawers will be able to glide shut gently and this will allow the contents within to stay in place and look neat.

Virtu ES-32036-BGRO-WH Elise 36

Toe Kicks will provide that additional toe room and it is tucked in beneath this cabinet to make morning routines easier for you.

Virtu MD-423-C-GR Gloria 48

Selecting Bathroom Vanities NY by style –

You will have traditional classic in a vast size range, style and finish. For example, the vessel sink vanity is quite awesome and it also projects an illusion of a bowl that is resting on the counter top.

Virtu USA - MS-3148-WMRO-WH-002 - Julianna 48

The transitional type cabinet is neat and sober in style.

Virtu ES-32036-BGRO-WH Elise 36

This type of a cabinet gives a modern and stylish look.

Bathroom vanity set ORION 72 Inch Socimobel

This is an antique/vintage style.

Bathroom Vanity PRESTIGE Mia Italia

This is the cottage style.

This is the cottage style

This is the rustic style.

This is the rustic style

What if the setup doesn’t come with a vanity top?

Counter top or a vanity top is necessary for any bathroom to serve as a base cabinet. There are many options available to complete the look that you desire for your bathroom. It is always wiser to go for a vanity top that fits the right dimensions as a cabinet.

Virtu USA - MS-3148-WMRO-WH-002 - Julianna 48

So, go ahead and provide your bathroom with a new bath vanity. With many styles that you can select from, you can easily pick a bathroom vanity which will complement the décor of your restroom.

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