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24 Inch Fine Fixtures Urbania II Bathroom Vanity, Models OPUR24WH, OPUR24WA, OPUR24GR


30 Inches Fine Fixtures UR30WH Urbania II Vanity For Bathroom


36 Inch Fine Fixtures Urbania II Vanity For Bathroom, Models UR36WA, UR36WH, UR36GR


48 Inch Fine Fixtures Shawbridge Single Freestanding Vanity With Top, Models SH48WA, SH48BL, SH48FB, SH48WH, SH48GR


48″ Fine Fixtures Shawbridge Double Sink Vanity With Top, Models SH48WA, SH48BL, SH48FB, SH48WH, SH48GR


60 Inch Double Sink Fine Fixtures Shawbridge Vanity With Top, Models SH60WA, SH60BL, SH60FB, SH60WH, SH60GR


60 Inch Fine Fixtures Urbania Single Sink Vanity With Top, Model: UR60WH


Bathroom vanities Greensboro NC

Greensboro is a city in North Carolina. We have many customers in this region. This is because our online store offers good quality products and free shipping to each of them. People are grateful for such a service. They can buy single or double vanities in just 2-3 minutes. They need to take measurements and choose the suitable model simply by clicking on the picture. Today is the 21st century, and people do not need to leave their homes to shop.

If you want to exchange the bathroom cabinet or vanity in your bathroom, you are in the right way! This is because in our store everyone will find their style modern and traditional. These are products of companies such as Lexora, Dowell, Blossom, Socimobel, and Eviva. In our online store, you can buy bathroom furniture for $600. For residents, we offer luxury bathroom vanities in Greensboro & cabinets the company Socimobel freestanding and wall mount. The most popular sizes are 24 inches and 30 inches. But it is not all that we have.

Luxury Bathroom Vanities

Are you looking for luxury bathroom vanities you find suitable, please? Check out our collection, the brand Socimobel, and you can choose the vanity on our website. This is the most popular high-quality European manufacturer of bathroom furniture. You will find more than 300 products in our range from this company. These are high-quality bathroom vanities models. Maybe you prefer a black, red, blue or grey color cabinet? You can find such options in our range.

Style of bathroom vanity

All dressing tables differ in color and shape, and style. Many buyers prefer models with mirrors. They can use the filter to see the specific option. The wall-mounted or freestanding is not the only one we offer to buy. It would help you look through our catalog to understand which model is most suitable for your bathroom. If you have any questions, you can call our staff at 718-412-3675. Our employees are always responsible for their mission. They will advise you on the right option. Reasonable prices and a wide range are the main things people praise about our online store.

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Your bathroom renovation

Bathroom renovation is no easy task. It is often difficult to understand whether floating vanity, wall-mounted dresser or another option is suitable for a specific interior.
This also applies to sizes from 24 to 84 Inches or even smaller than 18 inches. Therefore, you should consult with an experienced designer.

Are you baffled by renovating the bathroom? Our managers are ready to help when this happens. Online store staff will answer any questions and help you understand which furniture is most suitable for your bathroom. Call us today, and you won’t be disappointed. We will choose for you traditional or modern style vanity or another option.