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Bathroom Mirror With Storage

Bathroom Medicine Cabinet With Storage

Bathroom medicine cabinet essentially a storage cabinet that can help you store your toothbrush, toothpaste, razors, and make-up. The cabinet is located above your vanity and helps you organize all small items in one hidden place. Your bathroom will look nice and clean. New Bathroom Style has a wide selection of medicine cabinets available, you can find one that will match your bathroom perfectly. Whether you are looking for the recessed medicine cabinet or surface cabinet or corner mount medicine cabinet, we offer on our website newbathroomstyle.com.

Blossom Asta 20 x 32 Inch Medicine Cabinet With Light Left Side

Recessed Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

This type of recessed cabinet will look as if there is nothing behind the mirror. The medicine cabinet will sit inside your wall and it will appear as if there is only a mirror on the wall. A bathroom mirror cabinet with storage is the best way to add more storage to your bathroom. There are oval and rectangular and wall mount medicine cabinets available with led light.

Blossom Pillar 24 x 32 Inch Medicine Cabinet With LightWall Mount Cabinet

If you don’t want to cut the wall, a mirror wall cabinet, a surface mounted medicine cabinet will be the right choice for you. This type of mount is installed directly on the wall. If you need a new mirror and extra storage space for your bathroom and want a simple, easy solution – check out surface medicine cabinets. This type of cabinet can be a nice addition to your bathroom especially if you are looking for a medicine cabinet with a frame. You can choose and we offer cabinets with different finishes.