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48 inch medicine cabinet


48 Inch Medicine Cabinet

There are no people left now who are sure that a cabinet in the bathroom is an excess. Especially if there is not enough space for it. This category of people is sure that a few hooks for towels and a cup for a toothbrush are enough. We can assure you that 48 Inch Medicine Cabinet can fit even the smallest spaces. How relevant is this opinion? Let’s imagine that a towel warmer is hanging on some kind of carnation, which is impractical from several sides at once:

  • from constant moisture, the towel gets wet, which makes it impossible to wipe with a dry cloth. The next point is that bacteria and fungi multiply in wet material, which is dangerous to health;
  • from the hook forms a hole on the towel over time;
  • the hooks look cheap.

In addition to towels, you may want to hind many other items in the bathroom, especially women. Personal hygienic accessories and panty liners are, at the very least, indecent to be exposed for public viewing. And the most characteristic thing is that scattered things indicate negligence. Plus, hygiene products and cosmetics should not get wet. Is it possible without a cabinet with closed shelves?

LED Lighting for your Bathroom 

It is clear that LED backlighting looks very effective. But its practical application is not entirely clear. To begin with, the backlight can be of several types. One kind – the lighting works from the general power supply. The second one is battery operated. The plug-in version draws less energy than a standard lamp. Which is beneficial for frequent bathroom visits. As for the option with batteries, this is the best solution for those who often turn off the light. Because in the dark it is difficult to find the necessary item.

Led medicine cabinet mirror

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