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48 inch medicine cabinet

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If you have a medium bathroom and when choosing a 48 inch medicine cabinet, and how to fit into a particular style are most important for us. But, there is an exception. A medicine cabinet design depends more on what is nearby and is reflected in it. And there are very few characteristics that are really important for the successful purchase wall mount cabinet. For sure, you need to buy a 48-inch medicine cabinet for the bathroom if you have space. And the most important point how it must be placed – in the bathroom, recessed or in the wall. In this case, the cabinet should be of sufficient size and with a clear reflection image. It is precisely significant because it is a place where we got cleaned up and do all our hygienic procedures at the beginning and at the end of each day. Many manufacturers give up on decorative elements and wooden frames on bathroom mirrors due to the high humidity conditions. Also, a very useful construction is a combination of a medicine cabinet and a mirror. The most advanced models have LED-lighting, clock, and other functions.