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20 x 26 Medicine Cabinet

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20 x 26 Inch Medicine Cabinet

There are still people who are confident that the cabinet in the bathroom is an excess, especially if there is not enough space. This category of people is sure that a few hooks for towels and a glass for a toothbrush are enough. How relevant is this opinion? In a room where the bathroom is small space but accessories abound, a 20 x 26 medicine cabinet is a much-needed storage enhancement. This covert cabinet functions as both a mirror and additional storage, which makes it an excellent double-duty purchase. In addition to towels, other accessories are hidden in the bathroom, especially women. Displaying tampons and daily pads for public viewing is at least indecent. And the most important thing is that scattered things indicate negligence. Plus, hygiene products and cosmetics should not get wet. Is it possible without a cabinet with closed shelves?

Medicine cabinet – practical and decorative element for your bathroom

Besides being above all practical, a medicine cabinet can likewise function as part of your decoration, if you select the medicine cabinet with the light. As you get ready to make your acquisition, make sure to consider all the ideas. Probably the most convenient design of the medicine cabinets to set up, this kind holds on the wall surface.

20 x 26 Medicine CabinetRecessed cabinets are very practical and useful for tiny bathrooms.

This type of mounting requires a little bit more effort and work than the usual cabinet.

A hole being cut in the whole while mounting. This allows for a mirror to be on a flat level with the wall. It also leaves more space. Nevertheless, if you are placing the cabinet by yourself, be careful and check whether you don’t block the plumbing or pipes behind the drywall.

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