Lighting for your Shower Enclosure

Lighting for your Shower Enclosure

Lighting fixtures and water certainly don’t sound like a good mix. But, in reality, many water-resistant lighting fixtures exist for wet locations. From shower enclosures to exterior lighting, be sure whatever lighting system you install in a wet location is rated for that particular environment. Use this guide to lighting for your shower enclosure and you’ll be sure to get the most out of your bathroom.

Recessed Lighting

One of the most common ways to light your shower enclosures is with recessed fixtures. These bathroom lights are easily installed in any bathroom enclosure. Suitable fixtures include enclosed wet location lights and must be rated specifically for that location to prevent dangerous electrical shocks. The fixture must also be directly attached to its own GFCI circuit breaker. Recessed lighting in the shower enclosures benefits from the use of dimmer switches to help create the perfect ambiance in any shower enclosure space.

Decorative Fixtures

Many decorative fixtures are available for lighting your shower enclosure.

One of the best ways to light a shower enclosure with a decorative fixture is to install a dome style lighting fixture. These fully enclosed ceiling fixtures work excellently in large shower enclosures or over whirlpool bathtub enclosures. Many of these amazing fixtures also have a ventilation system built into the ballast, cleverly disguised by a beautiful light.


Wall sconces can often be employed in snail type shower enclosures. While direct lighting sources must also be used to light the shower enclosure, the entrance area of the shower enclosure can surely benefit from a water-resistant sconce built-in. Some sconces have a flush mount surface, allowing them to blend in very well with bathroom tile and fixtures.

A fairly new concept and certainly the most luxurious choice of all are built-in LED fixtures. This technology features built-in L

LED Lighting

ED lights in tile surfaces so the entire shower enclosure can glow beautifully. LED lights can vary in color, changing instantly to create an ever-changing panorama for your enjoyment. LED lights borrow from pool LED lights that are built into the chipset between tiles. An LED lighting system uses lots of bulbs so that if one LED light fixture burns out, there will be multiple backups available for use.