Lighted bathroom mirror cabinet – Features of LED medicine cabinets

Features of LED medicine cabinets

Lighted bathroom mirror cabinet

Modern mirror cabinets can be equipped with a magnifying lighting to facilitate make-up and shaving, a heated glass function to prevent fogging, a socket for an electric shaver or hair dryer, a clock, temperature sensors.


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“The most "advanced" models are equipped with a LED display allowing you to easily control all the features.”

When choosing a mirror

When choosing a mirror, make sure there are no scratches, chips, bubbles or other imperfections. The reflection should be clear, without distortion and splitting, and the back of the model should be smooth. The quality of the frame should also be checked.

type of installation

Pay attention to the type of installation: for wall mirrors, suspensions, holders – mobile mounts are used, for built-in models and mirror tiles – “liquid nails”. It is important that the fasteners are secure.

You shouldn't skimp on quality

You shouldn’t skimp on quality: a cheap mirror will quickly fail and will hardly decorate the bathroom interior. It is better to pay attention to the products of well-known brands, which are sold in New Bathroom Style. Be sure to ask the seller for a quality certificate.

Blossom Sirius 30-Inch LED Medicine Cabinet
Blossom Sirius LED Medicine Cabinet

Blossom Cabinet With Light


when purchasing a mirror Or Cabinet


The product must have an IP44 protection class (the first number indicates the level of protection from the ingress of external objects, the second – from the ingress of liquids). Such a cabinet can be placed anywhere in the bathroom, except for a place for bathing (preferably at least 2 feet away from the source of moisture).


Care Tips

– To avoid fogging the mirror, wipe it with a glass cleaner.
– It is advisable to wipe the mirror with a glass care product once a week.
– It is recommended to ventilate the bathroom after bathing, as excess steam negatively affects the mirror.


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As mentioned above, the mirror cabinets should be chosen only from high-quality leading brands. As Blossom brand is. Good news that they offer one of the widest collections on US market and renew their product line frequently. All the options are available in New Bathroom Style online store or directly in Brooklyn showroom. We are proud to present one of the newest models – Sirius 30 inch lighted cabinet.

Featuring an incredible design it has two soft-closing doors with BLUM 170° wide open hinges. This makes it as much comfortable as mirror cabinets can be. Now you can easily charge your phone or shavers through the built-in 20 Amp dual outlet and USB 2.0 port.
There is a common problem for all bathroom mirrors – fogging. Built-in defogger in Blossom mirrors means fog free all the time. The moment you turn on the mirror, the defogger turns on automatically.
Temperature display and digital clock are built on the top right corner of the mirror. Available color temperatures vary from 2500K to 6000K.
The product is also copper free, features scratch-free painting finish, surface or recess mounting, IP44 rated Anodized Aluminium frame for extra durability.

High end hardware brand BLUM 170° wide open soft close hinges

Blossom Sirius – 30 Inch

Built-in 20 Amp dual outlet and USB 2.0 port for phone or shavers charging

Blossom Sirius – 30 Inch

IP44 rated Anodized Aluminum Frame for extra durability

Blossom Sirius – 30 Inch
Blossom Sirius 30 Inch LED Medicine Cabinet

Blossom Sirius 30 Inch

Check out this model on the website or come directly to New Bathroom Style showroom to get a better deal. Our professional sales-representatives are always happy to assist clients in making their perfect purchases.

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