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84 Inch Bathroom Mirror By Type
Wall-hung (separately hanging) – hung on the wall (usually above the sink) and performs only one function of reflection. This is the most common type of mirror, which is relatively cheap, easy to install and can be moved to another location.

Framed – such a mirror will become the center of the bathroom interior, but it will not be cheap. The framing gives the product a complete look. The style of the mirror is judged by the execution of the frame.

Frameless – looks more modest and costs less. Will fit well into the interior, decorated in modern style, hi-tech and minimalism.

Combined – a multifunctional option, which is also a place for storing bath and bathroom accessories, cosmetics, hygiene products. Such a model is more expensive than a wall-mounted one. It is recommended to choose a combined mirror for a small bathroom.

With a shelf – allows you to comfortably position your toothbrush, paste, soap, shaving machines, shampoos, creams.

With a cabinet (mirror cabinet) – makes it possible to store the same items, but hides them behind the door from prying eyes. The mirror in such a cabinet can be equipped with lighting. This option is found in two versions: a wardrobe with a mirrored door or with a built-in figured mirror (flower, star).

With a cabinet – suitable for storing towels, bathrobes, cleaning and detergents.

Important: assembly instructions must be attached to the combined mirror. When choosing such a model, pay attention to the reliability of the connections, sliding mechanisms, and accessories.

Built-in – mounts directly into the wall. Such a mirror is distinguished by a wide range of design solutions (these models are often made to order). The built-in model is more expensive, more difficult to install and does not provide for moving to another place.

Corner – saves bathroom space. Usually comes complete with a vanity unit / sink or is built-in.

Cosmetic mirror is a unit that comes in two types: single and double. In the latter version, the rotating mirror has two sides, one of which shows a real image, and the other shows an enlarged reflection. This model allows you to change the angle of inclination of the mirror, and sometimes it can be mounted to the wall. The cosmetic mirror is used as an addition to the main mirror.