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72 Inch Led Mirror Size

The mirror is the centerpiece of your bathroom. It is in front of him that you spend most of the time when you are going, and, of course, it is near the mirror that you arrange accessories and cosmetics.
We offer a choice of several solutions for storing small items:

First: a mirror with shelves on which you can place everything you need: a toothbrush, a comb, decorative cosmetics, your favorite perfume, cosmetics for daily care.
Second: a mirrored cabinet that will give you more storage space. Inside, you can also hide things that are not kept in plain sight, for example, medicines or some hygiene items.
Despite the fact that today a woman knows her worth and that she is the most beautiful, a few minutes alone with a mirror will give you confidence in her perfection before leaving the house. Pomade? Done! Great complexion? Done! Graceful hairstyle? Done!