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You should carefully choose your bathroom lighting, because it will allow you to choose the tone of lipstick or foundation that is perfect for your mood today! Give preference to lighting close to daylight. Liquid crystal bulbs are ideal for you, as they provide adequate lighting quality and significantly save energy. Opt for A ++, A + or A bulbs that are particularly effective. Some mirrors are equipped with light sources at the top edge.
You can choose a mirror from a variety of available solutions according to your preference: with bulbs located at the top of the mirror or on the sides and even around the perimeter of the mirror, like in an actor’s dressing room. But you also need to understand that a mirror that casts less shadow on your face reflects it in the most favorable light when you apply makeup and when the light source is directly at face level.
The infrared sensor is a small benefit that completely changes the way you look at lighting. You just need to move your hand in front of the sensor to turn on the lights on the mirror. This is so convenient, especially if you have wet hands or have just had a manicure.