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40 Inch LED Bathroom Mirror
The size of your mirror is important for two reasons: first of all, it should create comfort for you and other users of the bathroom, and secondly, it should emphasize the style and decorate the room.
For everyone to be comfortable using the mirror, the reflection in it must be accurate. Behind this obvious fact lies simple advice: the mirror should be at eye level of anyone who looks into it: you, children, your spouse. This determines the ideal height at which everyone will feel comfortable putting themselves in order.
As for the width of the mirror, it mainly depends on the size of the bathroom and furnishings. It is believed that the mirror should be approximately the same size (or slightly smaller) as the bedside table above which it is located.
If you also need to choose a nightstand, remember that a wide mirror visually enlarges the space and moves the walls apart – a real advantage for small spaces.