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30 Inch Medicine Cabinet

30 Inch Medicine Cabinet

You always want the purchase, whatever it may be, to serve for a long time and be pleasant to use – the medicine cabinet in the bathroom is no exception.


be sure to consider the interior of the room before buying a particular model;
if you decide to buy an illuminated mirror, make sure that it is in harmony with the key light source;
remember, the larger the product, the more it expands the room visually;
think about your household, because you may have a difference in height, so you need to pick up a mirror and set it at a height that will suit everyone;
wipe the mirror with a special tool at least once every 5-7 days;
ventilate the bathroom after bathing, excess steam may not affect the product in the best way;
If your mirror does not have an anti-fog function, use a car glass cleaner to clean it.