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24 Inch Medicine Cabinet

24 Inch Medicine Cabinets

The wide edge of a complex shape, of course, gives the medicine cabinet a special look, but most importantly, it is it that protects the coating from damage.

We list:

normal processing. Getting a smooth rounded edge;
grinding. With the help of this work, a matte edge is obtained in the shape of a trapezoid;
polishing. Processing allows to obtain a transparent trapezoidal edge;
stripping. Here the sharp edge of the glass is removed
bevelling. After polishing, the edge is beveled at a certain angle. This allows you to achieve a perfect product look.

24 Inch Medicine Cabinet Frame

There is only one requirement for the frame – moisture resistance. Of course, no one refuses aesthetic indicators, but, believe me, it is better to put quality first.

The frame can be from:


The plastic frame is moisture resistant, comes in a variety of shapes and colors, but overall looks rather modest. You can choose a product for any interior. Disadvantage – this material is not very suitable for large mirrors, it can simply deform.

The wooden frame is a real luxury! Such a product will 100% decorate the room, give it a certain charm. When choosing a mirrored cabinet made of wood, you need to pay attention to the coating – here you need treatment with a special compound that will protect the material from moisture. Such frames are not cheap, but a beautiful interior is provided for you. Especially suitable for antique, classic, and baroque styles.

Metal frames are spectacular, beautiful, have excellent performance, but may not fit a certain interior. They are mainly used for pop art, hi-tech, loft style.

Here it must also be said that there are frames made of stone and glass, but such a design is rare.