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Most modern 72 Inch LED cabinets are already finished products. For this reason, they most often involve placement as a recessed or wall-mounted unit. If we are talking about custom recessed solutions, which in addition help to save space, then this will require an individual order with the calculation of dimensions from specialists, and a preliminary calculation of the niche and manufacturing.

As mentioned above, such a model is not a ready-made solution. For this reason, it is made individually based on the taste and preferences of the customer, as well as the dimensions of the bathroom. With a successful combination of circumstances inside the room, there is the possibility of implementing a niche where a built-in mirror cabinet will be placed in the future.

Another advantage is the possibility of not only implementing the effect of recessinginto the wall surface and significant space savings, but also the implementation of your own idea in terms of the size and number of shelves, drawers, mirror features. For example, in large bathrooms, sandblasting drawings or photo printing on one of the doors are appropriate. Also, large storage systems make it possible to make doors that do not open, but move along the rails. They are called compartment doors.