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40 Inch LED Cabinets for bathroom: the best option for people who like to organize their living space and a bathroom. Mirror cabinets from Aquadom, Blossom, Fleurco, ElegantLighting, Constantia, and Lexora. All of them offer the TOP technologies and features: dimmer, deffoger, touchscreen, and makeup mirror inside. Some models are made with the ability to choose the side of the door hinges for the comfortable opening of the cabinet. Cabinets easily fit all the necessary cosmetics and items for the bathroom.
LED lighting with diodes is made around the entire perimeter of the mirror part. It can also be on the sides or right on the edges of the cabinets. Different temperature light modes provide you with coziness and comfort in your bathroom. Hardware with a soft-closing mechanism allows the door to move smoothly.

We offer only high-quality, reliable, durable interior items. Inlcuding 40 Inch LED Cabinets with an interesting design and impeccable performance that are suitable for the whole family and the most demanding taste.