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Aquadom Cabinets

The bathroom requires a special attitude since there is no constant temperature in it; high air humidity. In addition, the dimensions of the bathroom do not always allow you to attach exactly the medicine cabinet with a mirror that you like. Accordingly, choosing a mirror for the bathroom is not an easy task.

Properties of LED Mirrored Cabinets for bathroom:
the ability of the product to adapt to sudden temperature fluctuations and humidity. The ability to resist an aggressive environment is due to the implemented technological process, which involves the addition of synthetic resins. These resins give the mirror special strength;

water is a destructive force in relation to a mirror. This means that the product assumes additional high-quality surface treatment, which extends its service life;

the mirror must be hardened, otherwise illumination of the mirror is impossible, since the light source is also a heat source, which also affects the structure of the mirror.