Kitchen Renovation, Pre-renovation tips

Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is one of the important places in the house. Thus, before undertaking the renovation of your kitchen, you should consider several points. Here are some tips to help you in your work of renovation.
The kitchen is surely the most functional part in a house, consider the provision of work surfaces, furniture, cabinets, and appliances. Experts agree to identify three main areas in a kitchen: the cooking area, cleaning area at the corner and finally the storage area. So as to renovate this room, remember to bring these three areas for improved efficiency when working in the kitchen.

A complete renovation of the kitchen also means increasing space, for recreation and movement. The oven and the refrigerator should be in a corner because of their large size. Also, to be functional, consider the height from which you will install your cabinets. It is useless to put everything in height if you are small. Better to make your job suits all easily.

The decoration comes in the last place. The budget you have undoubtedly influence this dimension. Remember it is better to build on the functionality of the kitchen rather than the decoration. Also, if you can not afford to change your appliances, be aware that it is possible to paint with a special paint. Same thing for your kitchen cabinets you can paint a new color.

How to save space while renovating the house?

Saving space is the main concern for most of the people in their new renovation plan. here is some advice that can help you is saving space before you proceed with your house renovation plan. First, you need to know the exact measurement of the length & width of your house. especially the kitchen, bedrooms & drawing room. try to combine the kitchen & dining, as well as bedroom & bathrooms. this is a very better option for small houses & apartments.

Locate stair crawling; Leaning against a wall, the staircase represents a large pool of storage. One can obviously accommodate a dresser, but the idea is to opt for a custom layout that you can make your own or have carried out by a specialist in storage. The easiest option are shelving raw wood fixed or metal brackets. If you’re not a fan of exposed shelves, we will close them using simple hinged doors. It can also optimize the crawling with large drawers, but their manufacture will be entrusted to a professional.

Optimize window sills; Nothing is better than a room bathed in natural light. Only problem, the walls that many windows are not the easiest to fill. Therefore, we can multiply the lower cabinets and drawers or prefer a custom layout and extend along the wall. The interest of the second option is that the development can be the double or triple function:

Exploiting the full height of walls; In a small apartment the square meters are important but are also cubic meters. When the ceiling height allows, so do not hesitate to make full use of the latter, by raising or shelves and shelves libraries to the ceiling. This saves two or three levels of storage compared to a conventional shelf, that can add a character to the room.

Pre-renovation tips

One of the common mistake people do is the renovation in any part of their home without worrying about the quality of the products used. Their footprint on the environment should be as small as possible and they must participate in improving the indoor air. Focus on different materials.

As part of a renovation, it necessary to distinguish between different types of materials to avoid ambiguity in the final choice. So the first step must be to understand the material used.The natural materials come from more or less directly components found in nature, like plants, wool sheep minerals. They contain, in principle, no products synthesis. Paradoxically, in this category.

The materials called ecological are those whose impact on the environment is low… Some have such a good ecological balance but require a transport truck or a fuel-efficient drying. The production material can be positive while recycling can be big Consumer kilowatts.

The healthy materials are those that do not harm the health. The choice is very wide as they can be natural or synthetic. Some natural products are harmful while others, from a processing, are completely harmless and inert. Only a comparison of objective criteria accepted by all can afford to get an idea as precisely as possible the material. So always check the labels for all the products you use in the renovation that it is certified by environment protection institutions.

Floor selection for kitchen

Are you looking for some ideal flooring for your newly constructed kitchen? need a coating that is very effective in terms of beauty & durability?  need a worthy recommendation? so here we go to find out the best flooring solution for you.

The flooring that comes to mind first is the marble flooring. In the kitchen, tile is the most robust and easier to maintain (if one has made the right choice because there are tiles that mark more than others). No problem for the impacts (a glass that falls will not break the tiles), strength virtually foolproof. The choice is really wide and decorative effects that can be done in the kitchen are endless.

A floor can also be considered for a kitchen, but it fits more in a style of house (chalet style) that enhances the heat. Now you tell me about cork tiles and it is true that the product is very attractive. Apparently, you can ask slabs and then varnished in several layers, but there are also slabs whose top layer is vinyl. No need to paint in this case. This material seems to take to wear, but I do not know his conduct vis-à-vis the impacts. If you have children still quite turbulent, we must make your choice. The price level, this material looks to be competitive too, so it may be this that fits your kitchen. Try to browse the flooring forums to see what users think this type of surface and what is their view.

Decoration tips and Advice

Tips and advice for your home. The decor and crafts in a house always ask a lot of know-how and attention. at this blog, the focus can be both on a good decoration plan for the beautification of your home indoor & outdoor living space. also to save energy and money by implementing attractive designs, to respect the environment. Many other tips will help you in your choice of materials or decoration of your home. so do visit us.

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