Italian Bathroom Vanities – Peiece Of Art In Interior Design

Throughout all times, Italy has always been associated with only the best. Italian art, Italian food, Italian clothes are considered a model of quality and taste even to this day. Italian furniture is no less famous. The production and export of furniture in Italy have a very ancient and rich history. The most sophisticated connoisseurs have always sought to get Italian furniture to their houses.


Today, furniture from Italy is available to anyone who is willing to pay for quality at a price. And if a few decades ago the focus had been on the living room, bedroom and kitchen, now the people have begun to attach great importance to the appearance of such an “intimate” space like the bathroom. This mood was caught by the furniture manufacturers. And so, today there is a huge selection of luxury plumbing and furniture for the bathroom available in stores. The products of Italian firms hold a special place among this variety. In this article, we will introduce you to the ideas for the bathroom that the Italian producers offer today.

The standard set of furniture for the bathroom includes a vanity under the sink, side-cabinet with a mirror and a storage container for towels. If the bath area allows for them, you can purchase furniture sets with a large number of elements: a wide and long tabletop, wall shelves, chairs, etc.
Italian bathroom furniture features a large variety of choices. The buyer on any budget will be able to find “his own” set of furniture.
Regardless of the class of products, whether luxury or economy, the Italian furniture will serve you for decades. This is due to the fact that manufacturers pay great attention not only to the choice of materials but also to the quality of the furniture.

Italian designers are famous for their rich imagination and sense of style, so even the most mundane items find beauty in their hands. Italian furniture in its classical version is chosen by the lovers of tradition: antique style, Baroque and Rococo styles are considered timeless classics and do not lose their relevance for several centuries. The interior is modern and fusion styles are particularly popular now, and the Italian designers will not remain aloof from the world’s trend.
Modern Italian vanity NOVECENTO Mia Italia

As we have mentioned before, furniture produced in Italy is perhaps the most popular furniture in the world. Therefore, the Italian producers have all the possible materials in their arsenal, because different countries have different preferences for materials. Somewhere people care about preserving the environment and prefer to buy furniture made of recycled or synthetic materials. And somewhere people prefer to furnish the house with furniture made from natural materials.
In the last century, Italian masters actively used tortoiseshell in the decoration of furniture. Furniture that is inlaid with tortoiseshell is still on the market today. However, it is very expensive, since fishing for this species of turtle was banned more than thirty years ago. Some manufacturers have remaining stocks of this valuable material. Therefore, luxury furniture decorated with tortoise shells is produced on special order. This furniture is a real luxury item.

A modern bathroom is a harmonious blend of beauty and comfort.
We should keep the furniture and fixtures packed together even in the most spacious bathroom. But, at the same time, the bathroom should be a place for storing many things, such as household appliances, cosmetics, cleaning products, bathrobes, towels, and other accessories.
Italian furniture meets the ergonomic requirements. It allows you to organize and store things in the most convenient way. Meanwhile, Italian furniture is both sleek and compact, which makes it perfect for decorating small bathrooms.

There are several hundreds of companies producing bathroom furniture In Italy. However, only some of them managed to get wide recognition and established themselves as the world’s leaders in this field.
BG Group furniture focuses on using its own patented material called MDF/DT. It is environmentally friendly and is ideal for creating interior items for the bathroom. MDF/DT has excellent moisture resistance and ductility. The latter quality makes it possible to create furniture of incredible shapes and configurations.
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