How to wash and clean bathroom tiles. A shiny white bathtub, shiny, highly polished faucets, gleaming tiles that strike with their beauty – do you think it is a picture from a fashion magazine? Not at all. Nothing is impossible — anyone can be an owner of a fabulous bathroom! Of course, if you look at yellowing enamel and tarnished walls it is hard to believe, but if you have patience and the relevant knowledge, glossy perfection is not difficult to “revive.” So, how to take care of the tile so that an aficionado of purity was struck by the freshness and radiance?

Can you not to stand on ceremony with tiles?

Some people mistakenly believe that long-lasting tile can endure any experiments. This is not so. Indeed, this finishing material is durable and resistant to all kinds of impacts, but this does not exclude the necessity of careful attitude toward it. For example, tile with a glossy surface does not tolerate the use of abrasives or metal brushes. Perhaps, after cleaning the scratches, you won’t even notice, that the shine will be far from the original. Also, do not abuse the means made on the basis of acid, which can damage unprotected seams. In order for the tile to please with its brightness for a long time, you must only use specialized means. For example, application solutions for the care of a cooking counter or plumbing is unacceptable.

Folk and innovative methods:

The modern market of answers the question how to clean the tiles in the bathroom with plenty of answers, however, powders, including sand or pumice stone, as well as soap containing fats, should be avoided. How to wash and clean bathroom tiles. For contamination, you should apply a brush with soft bristles that gently remove plaque and stains without damaging the coating. Matte tiles should be washed with emulsions that are made for this purpose, then you can apply wax and polish to accentuate the color.

There is no lack of household products at present time. Any hardware store offers a lot of options for thorough cleaning. That’s where you find the powder for cleaning tubs and gels for washing the floor, as well as the emulsion for the tile. Reflecting on the immediate problem which comes up when cleaning the tile in the bathroom and staring at the numerous jars placed on the counter, involuntarily the question arises as to the effectiveness of the new-fangled achievements of the chemical industry that are so heavily advertised. No one will diminish the merits of the innovative developments. These means are good. Deodorizing components and bio-enzymes that make up its composition eliminate odor and mineral deposits. Disinfectants help to fight germs and essences will fill the house with lilacs or fresh lemon balm.

How to properly wash tiles in the bathroom:

Fresh plaque can be cleaned using a conventional dishwashing liquid. Add it to water with a sponge, and apply the soap solution to the tile. Leave on for 5-10 minutes, then treat the surface with clean water.

If the tile is extremely dirty, you need a more effective weapon — baking soda. Moisten the surface then apply a sponge with a little baking soda and gently wipe the tile. Try not to rub too hard you can easily scratch it. You can give the shiny white tile its original appearance with the help of bleach. Dilute it with water, spray the coating with a vaporizer and after 5 minutes wipe the tiles with a damp cloth. Perhaps the pungent smell will appeal not to everyone, but you can forget about mold and bacteria. One of the most effective helpers that get rid of stubborn stains is vinegar. Apply vinegar on the tiles with the vaporizer and spread it with a brush over the surface, wait a few minutes and rinse.

A very important nuance:

Experienced housewives know: washing the tiles is only half the battle done, the other half is to wipe them dry after treatment. This is a very important point that many people lose sight of, and that is done in vain. The fabric should absorb moisture without leaving any residue. What’s perfect in this case are the mohair (the only one that does not crumble), microfiber or bamboo towels, and only the ones that do not leave any smudges or streaks.

A few more tips

Work should be carried out in rubber gloves, regardless of the chosen method of aiming for purity; the solution for cleaning windows and mirrors will fit for the regular maintenance of tile; start washing tile from the bottom and wipe from the top; whiten the seams with hydrogen peroxide, after which rinsing is not necessary; polished tiles are treated with mastic, glossy vinegar after their cleaning.