How to save on heating?

How to save on heating?

With the approach of winter, it is time to fire up your boiler, radiators, and stoves. Heating your house interior is not a harmless act alone but we can’t deny the fact that it affects the largest annual expenditure for households! How to lower your heating bills heating? Here are some tips.

Home Insulation

A good heating solution is useless if your home is poorly insulated. It is therefore advisable to minimize heat losses which are mainly through windows, walls, and roof. I agree that opting for double glazing or insulating walls is available at a certain cost, You will win in the long term due to significant savings you make on your electricity, gas or oil bills.

Maintain the heating system

A well-maintained heating system in your home not only increases the life of equipment but also helps in achieving significant energy savings. Remember to clean and check the heating system regularly, Your house radiators must be drained several times during the year, chimneys swept, cleaned the vents, boiler revised at least once a year (8-12 % of the energy consumed in less). Also, do not block the flow of heat in your home by placing curtains in front of radiators or installing furniture near your heating system, If they are too close, they absorb the energy emitted by the heat source.

Air Flow

A small stream of air can quickly climb the electricity bill or gas. This allows heat to escape from your home interior! Add a bead or a brush seal under the door threshold, Adjust the tightness of the door frames and window frames with silicone can help in keeping your home warmer with less energy. Paradoxically, it is important to ventilate the interior at least 10 minutes each day, both to renew the oxygen to support the combustion mode of your devices.

Savings of heating also requires good habits to adopt without delay. For Example!

  • Close blinds and curtains at night
  • Lower the temperature of the heating in the absence of one or more days.
  • Change filters more often if you have pets in the house.
  • Set the boiler at a temperature between 62 ° F and 67 ° F maximum.
  • Install a thermostat to adjust the temperature according to time of day