How to personalize your room for baby

 Your room for baby

With your little one on the way, you only have one thing left to prepare: the nursery. Flipping through magazines, catalogs, browsing websites and blogs, you see the same ideas again and again. You want to personalize your child’s nursery. Make the room hers and hers alone. You don’t want to copy the same old patterns. You want new, fresh and unique.

Start with a bare room. The best way to personalize a nursery is not to have any preconceived notions. Strip the walls and floor bare. A blank canvas will allow your imagination to soar. Now you have to find a place to begin, to kick-start your creativity.

That’s where the crib comes in. Find the crib that will be the “anchor” of the space. A nursery should be built around the biggest centerpiece. Choose a crib that is aesthetically pleasing but safe. Read customer reviews and compare different models. Once you have the right crib, set it up in the nursery.


Now you can begin to envision all sorts of possibilities. The style of the crib will allow you to pick out the right dresser and changing table. With those colors in place, you can paint the room to complement or contrast those colors. Don’t worry about pink for girls, blue for boys, yellow and green for neutrality. Choose colors that stand out.

Next, move on to the floor. Carpet is nice for bare feet but not easy to clean. Messes can be multiplied many times over into carpet fibers. Hardwood and tile are easiest to clean. Wood is the most homely of flooring. Spread out an area rug and you’ve got one beautiful space.


On to the windows. Something that best compliments wood floors are kid’s Roman blinds. A nice set of matching kid’s Roman blinds will dress up the windows nicely. They’re easy to clean and not difficult to install. Moreover, they add a sense of sophistication to the room.

Embellishments are next on the list. Hanging wall letters, artwork, family keepsakes, photos, a piggy bank, decorative pillows, and blankets will do nicely. You can spell out your baby’s name with hanging wall letters. Artwork can be a big plus to personalize your nursery. Perhaps a safari scene or maybe a boat on the ocean. Go tropical with an island painting. A bit of island living will go great with the kid’s Roman blinds and wood floors.


Last but certainly not least, add the necessities. A hamper, humidifier or dehumidifier, baby monitor, bottle warmer and lamps. Now you nursery is complete. It has all you’ll need for your baby. When family and friends come to visit, they’ll marvel at your creativity.