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While most of us would love to get a whole new bathroom, the expense of doing it all can be off-putting. It can cost thousands of dollars if you want to renovate your bathroom completely, and it’s money that most of us don’t just have lying about. However, not all is lost if you are looking to give your bathroom spruce up for the new year. Here are a few small things you can do to give your bathroom a whole new lease of life.

Could you give it a fresh lick of paint?

new faucet idea

new faucet idea


This works for pretty much any room in the house, but if your bathroom looks a bit tired and worn, giving the walls a fresh lick of paint can bring it back to life. Opt for a fresh new color to provide the bathroom with a lift or a bright white so you can add color with accessories. Always remember to use good quality waterproof paint which won’t fade or mark in the bathroom.

Buy new towels and accessories.

Sometimes the smallest of changes can make the most significant impact. Invest in some fresh fluffy towels in bright colors to complement your bathroom decor and change the whole look of the bathroom. Also, think about how you might store and display them. Vintage ladders propped up against the wall are bang on trend at the moment and look cute. You could also try rolling them on shelves or using crates attached to the wall. If you have bathroom cabinets, buy some adorable storage baskets inside to hold all of your toiletries. Pretty soap dispensers and toothbrush holders, artificial flowers, and framed pictures can all give a lift to a tired family bathroom.

Purchase new faucets

Never underestimate the power of shiny new faucets in a bathroom! Replacing the sink can cost a small fortune, but merely replacing the faucets can make a whole lot of difference and for a lot less money. Choose from stylish mixer taps and waterfall taps, but always make sure they are plumbed incorrectly – you don’t want the extra expense when your bathroom is flooded!

Invest in a new shower curtain or screen

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After a while, even the most stylish curtain can look grubby and worn. Replace regularly – they are dirt cheap from most DIY or homeware stores and are available in all sorts of colors and patterns. Opt for a glass shower screen if you can splash the cash a little further. They add class and sophistication to any bathroom, but remember to keep them clean – nothing makes a bath look worse than a dirty and streaky screen!
painted bathroomRenew the tile grout

If the grouting between the tiles is stained and discolored, it will bring down the look of your bathroom, whatever else you do to it. Grind the old grouting away and redo it carefully with a new compound to do it properly. Repaint them with a grout pen for a quicker solution, available from most DIY stores.

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