How to find a contractor for hire

How to Find a Good General Contractor

How to Find a Good General Contractor. Choosing a contractor can be a daunting task for any homeowner who is seeking to make renovations to their property. Everyone has heard horror stories of contractors who leave jobs unfinished, vanishing for months at a time, or even ruin property. To avoid such contractors but also find someone who is willing to do the job at a reasonable cost, it’s important to do research.

Good General Contractor

First off it’s important to not solely rely on newspaper ads and other such things. Having multiple options is key when making a decision, so make sure to have at least 3 contractors to choose from initially who have a reasonable reputation for providing a good service. The single best way to find a competent contractor is to get referrals from friends and family, who have had similar work done in the past.  If this option is for any reason limited to you feel free to get recommendations from hardware supply stores, lumber mills, or bath & kitchen showrooms like us at Those who have good records with such places tend to be less of a risk.


When looking into contractors that are referred to you, look into past projects they have worked as well as, their licensing and affiliations. It’s the contractors’ responsibility to acquire all permits needed for the project. If a contractor offers to do a job without licenses or permits it can lead to legal trouble in the future for you and you will be liable.

Have the contractors make an estimate or better a bid on the cost of the project. Ask them to be specific as possible in regards to material costs, labor costs, and work hours. Make sure you are on the same page with the contractors you are considering. If you are negotiating the same job with different contractors to get a price to the comparison, you have to be sure that the prices you are comparing take into account the same factors. Some bids take into account things that others do not and may be priced accordingly. The more detailed the bid gave the better understanding you will have on where you can and cannot save money.


When signing the bid into a contract, be prepared to pay 10-15% more than the initial bid. Many unfortunate discovers can be made while renovating any part of the house. Some may include water damage caused by leaking pipes, damage to walling due to pests or faulty wiring. Finding issues such as these during renovations is not uncommon and will add to the final cost of a project. To minimize such costs have thorough evaluations of the area that is to be renovated.

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