How to clean in shower, Practical tips for your bathroom

 How to wash a shower cabin

How to clean in the shower, shower cabins can be found in almost every apartment and especially in small-sized apartments, where the installation of the cabin instead of a bathtub saves a lot of space. But only in the beginning, the cabins please us with their glitter and mirror cleanliness. However, very quickly they become muddy, muddy, calcareous raids and streaks.

If you do not regularly remove dirt from the walls of the cabin, it will be very difficult to wash them later.Therefore, we recommend to regularly care for your shower and to remove lime and soap deposits in advance. We will explain below how to do this.

  Regular Cleansing

After each visit to the shower cabin, you must thoroughly rinse all internal surfaces with hot water first, followed by cold water. If needed, in order to scrub the light soap deposits we recommend to use ordinary dishwashing detergent. It has been proven that after its use and subsequent rinsing of the surfaces they acquire a shine, but at the end of the procedure, they need to be wiped dry using a dry, soft cloth.

  Routine Cleansing

Routing Cleansing is carried out, on average, every two weeks and is necessary to wash all the surfaces of the device with the use of special tools. Formations with unpleasant limescale or soap will be cleaned best by sprays for cleaning glass and plastic surfaces. in addition to them, you might find useful gels and creams.

it is applied to the walls and doors of the cabin using a synthetic sponge while wearing rubber gloves beforehand. If the contamination is minor, you can wash off the agent immediately, but if the deposit has been there for several weeks, it is best to leave the solution on for 15-20 minutes. After that, remove the mixture of mud and cream using a scraper and the cabin should be thoroughly rinsed with clean water and wiped dry.

 Intensive Cleansing

In order to combat with heavy pollution that often occurs in some areas of the shower cabin, you may choose to resort to effective “shock” methods that are produced in the form of pastes or thick creams. It is a problematic place, and it can be the area around the drain, faucet or sprayer. Door wings need to be densely covered with a layer of the selected means and are kept in the user-specified exposure time.

This method is applied when there was rust, limescale, mold (due to the constant moisture in the cavity of the cabin) in the shower.

  As a rule, several materials are combined in the shower cabin

  • Glass, polystyrene or other plastics on the wall and the door of the cabin.
  • Acrylic, enamel surfaces, natural and artificial stone, ceramic are used in the shower base. Also, ceramic tiles can be used to finish one or more walls.
  • Chrome steel is used to manufacture the mixer, shower head sprayer and, in some cases, handles and hinges of doors.
  • Painted aluminum is used for the production of frames and rails.
  • Don’t forget to remember! Do not use aggressive cleaning agents with abrasive particles, as well as hard brushes, metal brushes, which can permanently ruin even the surface of the heavy-duty ceramic and glass.