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How To Choose The Right Size Bathroom Vanity 1

How To Choose The Right Size Bathroom Vanity


Bathroom Replacement

When choosing a new bathroom vanity or cabinet of the interior, it is necessary to take into account constant humidity and temperature fluctuations, which are integral companions with frequent use of the bathroom. This factor is especially important if you want to purchase products made from natural wood, which has not been treated with special protection. For example, a medium-size bathroom 30 inch vanity. In the absence of good ventilation in small bathrooms, such furniture will quickly lose its aesthetics and swell. Therefore, it is recommended to use laminated chipboard or MDF as a base, which are characterized by high moisture resistance and do not change their properties with sudden temperature changes.

Bathroom Vanity Style

How to select bathroom furniture?

One of the popular options for waterproof materials is plastic, which supports a variety of shapes and is characterized by a budget cost. This material is easy to wash and clean and does not require maintenance using special products. The significant advantages of plastic also include a wide variety of colors, attractive appearance, and low cost. Even models of 20 inch to 60 inch floating vanity can be made of plastic. However, at the same time, plastic structures are easily scratched, quickly lose their attractiveness, and have low strength.


Should I Put A Mirror In The Bathroom?

The issue of practicality is also relevant for mirror surfaces, therefore high-quality sets are equipped with a mirror with silver amalgam and provide a special treatment against fogging when exposed to moisture. If the mirror is equipped with a wooden frame, it must also be waterproofed to prevent deformation and swelling when exposed to water. It is convenient to fit a bathroom mirror or medicine cabinet into a 30 inch vanity with a sink.


What are the sink selection tips?

The sink is one of the basic elements of bathroom furniture sets and is placed on or under the countertop. High-quality sinks are made on the basis of shock-resistant sanitary ware and can be rectangular, square, oval, or angular, which should be combined with the overall style of the set. When choosing a sink, you need to carefully examine the product for chips or scratches, and check its integrity by knocking on the surface.
The option of attaching hanging cabinets or open shelves, divided into separate sections, will help to solve the issue of storing household items and bath accessories in small bathrooms. In this case, do not forget about the free space behind the toilet. And if the area of the room allows, then a separate cabinet becomes a winning solution for placing household items, which helps to conveniently arrange large items, including accommodating a large laundry basket.
The presence of legs with a height adjustment function ensures the most stable placement of the cabinet and pencil case, even if the floor has significant unevenness.

What are the styles of bathroom vanities?

To successfully choose bathroom furniture, you also need to pay attention to the selection of colors and adherence to the design style. It is considered the best option if the set matches the overall style of the bathroom and apartment, which will harmoniously fit into the existing stylistic concept.

Interesting ideas of modern designers

A wide variety of models of pedestals, shelves, and cabinets includes both universal products made in classical frames, and extraordinary, which demonstrate the striking features of such popular trends as modern, hi-tech or retro. This allows you to bring to life interesting ideas of modern designers and turn your bathroom into an example of elegance and chic.


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